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LDC’s purpose is primarily to support not-for-profit organizations and will endeavour to share and create content and resources that will guide organizations through challenging discussions and/or allow them to reach their full potential. If you have any resources that would be helpful for other organizations or identify resources that would be helpful to include on this page – please reach out to us.


The following templates were created by LDC based on its experience and understanding of current best practices:

Looking for funding opportunities?

Check out these funding opportunities for training events, workshops, courses, or other learning opportunities that help voluntary organizations and volunteers to meet their goals and objectives in the Northwest Territories 

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Governance Policies

Board evaluation

Conflict of interest and confidentiality

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Risk Registry

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Strategic Agenda 

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Board Calendar

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We believe in sharing information. We will link articles below that share insights and information that you may find useful.



Running effective meetings is critical to the success of an organization. So how can we make each interaction with the team more valuable and ensure we’re not meeting too much and contributing to volunteer burnout? Check out these suggestions on how to think differently about meetings:

Harvard Business Review – Meeting Overload is a Fixable Problem

The Guardian - The company purging meetings from calendars: Uninterrupted time is precious 

Chairing a board meeting

Board Chair position description

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion.jpg

Extensive research has been done that demonstrates the business case for how diversity and inclusion (D&I) contributes to organizational performance. In order to be meaningful, it cannot simply be a box-checking exercise. Check out these great resources to learn more about this topic:

Deloitte – Diversity and Inclusion – Eight Powerful Truths

Harvard Law School – Driving Diversity – the role of Chairs and CEOs

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning.png

Strategic planning has been around for a long time but our operating environments are changing faster than ever. Please enjoy the following links that convey some interesting thoughts on the state of strategic planning versus strategic thinking and visioning:

Strategic Planning should be a strategic exercise

Forbes – Strategic Planning is Dead

Harvard Business Review – The Big Lie of Strategic Planning

Succession Planning


Succession planning is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of the Board to ensure the effectiveness of any organization. It is a process, not an event, and organizations that practice proactive succession planning are more likely to retain talented leaders. Succession planning and talent management are directly linked because investment in talent management develops long-term leaders that form part of the organization’s succession plan. Unfortunately, the time and effort needed to properly develop, plan, and prepare doesn’t take place until it’s too late. Please review these great resources on this topic:

The Governance Counselor – Planning for Leadership Succession and Unexpected CEO Transitions

Harvard Business Review – Why the Best CEOs Are Already Thinking About Their Exits

Stanford University – Seven Myths of CEO Succession

Ernst young (EY) – How the Governance of Human Capital and Talent is Shifting

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